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Prostitutes Are People Too Thus Deserve Our Love And Respect

Posted on December 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

As I listen to the mystically inspired music of Clannad, I cannot help but feel God is talking urging us to reach out and love each other. When disasters strike, whether terrorist or natural the world shares its abundance towards the victims but why do we wait for disasters to happen. Why do we not just exchange love on a daily basis and not count the cost of smiles or encouragement or support? Why do we choose the first course of emotions, which is to criticize others, because as we criticize we share the vacancy that resides within?

Let us offer a moment of peace and emanate our aura of love towards the victims of all disasters especially the recent ones in Japan and New Zealand. The Pacific Rim appears to be suffering from a major shift in earth’s environs to the suffering though of the human population. Even earth has to adjust which is something from which we may learn the importance of changing worlds.

What is a paradigm? It is a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind thanks to Merriam – Webster’s collegiate dictionary. However, like all paradigms they adjust as new information comes to light, it is only by being receptive to alterations we may alternate our perspective on anything.

Jesus taught us to love each other and tried, unsuccessfully, to induce our tolerance for all sectors and the religions of our world add a deeper dimension of confusion. While Jesus taught us to love everyone religions tell us not to love everyone but to criticize and differentiate between people and one has to wonder what Bible are they reading?

For whatever reason anyone chooses his or her career it is not our duty to relegate anyone to a diminished state of propriety especially if that sense of order is confused. Financial advisors prostitute themselves with their devious adversarial approach to our finances but we do not demean them to an ignominious state of affairs. Perhaps we should and then maybe they would be more inclined to pay attention and put people before profits.

Prostitutes of the sex industry as opposed to the financial industry are not allowed a fair sense of reception even though they provide a much-needed service. Men and women around the world assist others towards attaining some form of sexual relief and we in our superimposed audacious high moral ground strive to punish them continually because of an uneducated paradigm.

Prostitutes are people with feelings and emotions just like the rest of us but because of primitive laws are not allowed participation or recognition in society much to their loss especially. Because of our laws, these living breathing humans are exploited, despised leaving no option but to accept battered lives.

Taking this a step further, we have the ubiquitous presence of pornography that most people are afraid to admit they partake of, which tells us the hidden truth of what we would like to have as an accepted norm. The sad part of pornography is that people who have no understanding of what true sexuality is really about embrace its claws. Unfortunately, the mystics in our world decline to enlighten us about the transmutation of sexual energy to inebriate our lives towards elevated knowledge.

Now with all this energy bursting at the seams the primary outlet available is the sex industry. This brings us to another segment within the rising sex industry in the form of human trafficking. These victims, about 1.2 million per year, are forced into prostitution, not the financial kind but the sex kind, and there is not a country in the world unaffected by its ravages.

Now the mystical question pertains to our perception of people, if the majority supposedly embraces religion then why are prostitution and human trafficking in such demand? Thanks to the major media networks around the world awareness is highlighted and perhaps through programs like CNN/Freedom and organisations like Shared Hope International and Born2Fly will aid the reduction of this horrible effrontery to the human psyche.

As a civilisation apart from any religious affiliation but as humans primarily why do we do to each other what no animal on earth would do to its own species? Is money or lust or materialism so important that people like prostitutes and human trafficked victims have zero rights in worlds that fought brutal wars so all citizens within its borders may attain equality?

‘Wait a moment: the wicked are no more. Though you look for them, they cannot be found.’ Psalm 37:10. God bless!