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Intimacy in Marriage

Posted on December 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Intimacy in marriage is one of the most important building blocks to lifelong mutual happiness with your significant other. The best way to describe intimacy would be to call it a feeling of closeness between each other that nobody else outside the relationship can have with you or your partner. It is a bond that comes about from opening up to each other in terms of thoughts, feelings and even physical interaction. The dictionaries describe it as making the most personal things (ideas, thoughts, and feelings) known. Intimacy in marriage is not a given. It has to be worked at and accrued with time. Below are some of the most important factors needed to achieve intimacy in marriage whether it is to boost happiness or spice up your sex life.


It has been said time and again that couples need to talk to each other as much as possible. The importance of dialogue cannot be stressed enough when it comes to having a successful marriage. It is only through talking that one can know what their partner loves or hates and vice versa. Good dialogue between partners should include every single aspect of their lives. Couples should talk about their sex, their responsibilities in the relationship and even their expectations. If something is making you sad or happy you need to tell your partner about it. It is all a matter of communicating it in a proper manner as thoughts badly communicated can come across as offensive even if they were motivated with good intentions.


One of the best ways to build intimacy in marriage is to be transparent with each other. Let your partner know your motives for acting the way you do and about things you intend to do. You have to let them know how you feel about things. A lot of relationships fail because a partner did not disclose one detail or the other. Keeping things hidden will always lead to a broken relationship. It does not matter whether it is a tiny detail like a small salary bump or a big detail like getting fired. You have to be absolutely transparent with your better half.


Being vulnerable means not having any defense against a certain type of attack. In a marriage, the only way to make your relationship work is to drop all your defenses. This means that you are entrusting your better half with every aspect of your life hoping that everything they do will be to your best interests. When couples do not practice vulnerability and are always keeping their guard up, it becomes impossible to reach the level of trust that marriages need to work.


Another way to make your relationship work is by making sure that it is not one sided when it comes to benefits. You have to realize that in the same way you have this need or the other, so does your partner. You have to both strive to make sure that both of you are getting the happiness or satisfaction that you deserve.